Fertilizer and Crop Protectants

Cleveland, GA

It's easy to forget or overlook how many threats there are to your beautiful farm and fields. But just because they are overlooked or forgotten does not mean they aren't there. Here at White County Farmers Exchange we understand that providing a little extra attention to your crops during their early stages will pay dividends in the end! That is why we are offering treatment that will defend against disease as well as insects, while also allowing valuable nutrients to help with growth! Take the extra steps to protect your hard work today so that your crops can thank you in the future. Visit White County Farmers Exchange today and we’ll help you find fertilizer as well as crop protectants to keep your property on point.

Custom Fertilizer Blending

Monty’s Liquid Fertilizers & Liquid Carbon

TiMac Agro

More Than Manure


Southern States


  • Lime:
  • Powdered
  • Pelleted Lime
  • Fast Acting Lime
  • Bulk Lime
  • Custom Spreading

  •  Crop, Garden & Home Chemicals:
  • Total Weed Killers
  • Selective Grass Killers
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides

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