Equipment Rentals

10’ Haybuster No-Till Drill or 6′ Great Plains No -Till Drill
The rental charge is $10/Acre with a $150/per day minimum (24 hours) (i.e. 5 days = 75 Acre minimum).  Customer will be charged for whichever figure is greater. 

*Must use 65 horsepower tractor or larger for 10′ drill.*    Operating Haybuster Drill

*Must use 40 horsepower tractor or larger for 6′ drill.*    Operating Great Plains Drill

Fertilizer Pull Buggy 
Ground Driven.  $45/load.  Holds up to 4-ton.  *Bring your own tarp to cover a 4-ton load.*

Lime Pull Buggy
PTO Driven.  $75/load.  Holds up to 5-ton.   

 300 Gallon Sprayer
$75/day.  Must have PTO hook-ups.  {CANNOT use ROUND UP in sprayer.}

 Herd Seeder – 2 available – 1 rack mount & 1 hitch mount
$20/day — For Clover Seed Only

Payout Spinner

Field Fence Stretcher

Stafix Fence Compass

Soil Test Probe
$20 refundable deposit if returned within 5 days

*All prices are subject to change without notice.*

*Day is defined as 24 hours (8am to 8am.  No matter the time you pick up, equipment is still due back at 8am the next day.)*