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Jdj Solutions Llc J-MFV0075DLT Jobe Megaflow Valve 3/4" With Detach Long Tail (J-MFV20DLT) (3/4")

Jdj Solutions Llc

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Megaflow trough valves are float operated valves for use in automatic filling of water troughs. The valve is configured for underwater mounting only. The float is connected to the valve with a nylon cord, this operates a pilot valve, when the water level drops, the pilot valve is opened, and the main diaphragm valve is activated. Megaflow is a good choice where its high flow, compact, robust, non-corrosive construction is beneficial.

DLT (Detachable Long Tail) – the Detach Long Tail is a unique thread that is longer than standard threads, and includes a seal washer and backing nut. The threads are designed to hold the valve in place in a tank, so no other fittings are required. The threads extend through the tank ,with the seal washer inside the tank, and the backing nut on the outside. The nut is tightened up, leaving remaining threads exposed for the water supply line to be attached.

Maintaining water levels in:
Animal drinking troughs
Water storage tanks

High flow
Compact robust construction
20-60mm (¾" - 2½") water level differential (increases as water pressure increases)
Positive on/off operation
Lock off with cord lock
0.3 - 10 bar (5 - 150 P.S.I.) pressure rating
Inlet filter
Constructed from corrosion resistant materials
Under water installation helps avoid freezing
Valve is less prone to stock damage

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