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Tripak Deep Blue Chain Conditioner (12.7 oz)


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Product Description

Deep Blue is designed to clean and protect chains in extreme conditions. It penetrates each link and coats and conditions the metal surfaces, removing corrosion and leaving behind an extreme pressure barrier. Nothing Sticks to Deep Blue!


Cleans and Protects Chains. Deep Blue gets down to the metal surface releasing corrosion, debris, and old lubricants stuck to your chain. It then leaves behind an anti-friction barrier to protect the surface and drastically reduce wear.

Penetrates and Conditions Each Link. Deep Blue penetrates deep into each link, conditioning the metal and preventing corrosion and build-up.

Reduces Friction to Run Cool. Deep Blue creates a long-lasting lubricating barrier over the metal surface that reduces friction and heat in extreme conditions to keep your chain running cooler.

Remains Treated After Product is Dry. Deep Blue works differently from conventional chain lubricants by penetrating deep into the metal surface and continuing to work after the product is dry.


First pressure wash or clean your chain with a de-greaser to prevent Deep Blue from releasing your current lubricant onto adjoining surfaces. Then spray Deep Blue on the entire chain as it runs. Re-apply every maintenance period to help prevent friction, heat, and wear. Deep Blue retains its effectiveness from -30°C (-22°F) to 200°C (392°F).


  • Baler Chains
  • Chain Saws
  • Motorcycle Chains
  • Drive Chains
  • Cables
  • Linkage Systems
  • Bike Chains

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