I love the growing season, but one thing I really dislike about late spring and summer are FLIES!  Flies are annoying because they invade your personal space and will even bite you.  There is no one practice or a magic wand to make them go away, but there are some practices we can implement to help minimize their adverse affect on our cattle herds.  

Biting flies are carriers of such diseases as anaplasmois and bovine leukosis virus.  Face flies can spread Moraxella Bovis which causes pinkeye.  The economic loss from each horn fly biting an animal 30 times per day can be substantial.  Therefore, a multi-step approach is critical to curtail fly populations. 

Control methods include:

1.  Feed a larvicide like Altosid starting 30 days before flies typically emerge and continue 30 days after a killing frost.  

2.  Fly tags are very helpful in controlling fly populations.  However, rotation between insecticide classes on an annual basis is essential to maintain product effectiveness.  

3.  Pour-Ons...While you are running those animals through the chute to tag them with an insecticidal tag, go ahead and use a pour-on that will give you some external parasite control as well.   

4.  Dust bags and cattle rubs are economical control methods, and when placed properly, they can help reduce face and horn fly populations.  It's important to keep them charged on a regular basis.  

5.  Spray insecticides and Vetgun applications also help and provide short term relief.  


VetGun ...1. No need to handle cattle to apply an insecticide.  2.  No chute or special handling facilities needed.  Reduces the chance of injury to the cattle and the rancher.  3.  No added stress to the cattle and calves.  By handling the cattle in the manner they are generally use to, the rancher can more easily deliver the insecticide safely from a remote distance.  4.  No additional labor required.  One person can dose a herd in a fraction of the time required with other methods.  

Fly Minerals with Altosid ... Our Vigortone and WCFE Econo IGR minerals with Altosid prevent the breeding of horn flies in the manure of treated cattle and contain the proper balance of minerals and vitamins cattle need to deal with summer stresses.  

Cattle Rubs, Sprays, Dust, Pour-Ons ... Prolate/Lintox, Permectrin, Ultra Saber Pour-On, Ultra Boss Pour-On, Cylence Pour-On, Brute Pour-On, Max 40 Fly Tags, Python Magnum Fly Tags, XP820 Fly Tags.  

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