Summer Forages & Weed Control

Summer Forages

Bermudagrass is a great warm season perennial used for grazing and hay.  If you have bermuda, make sure you are providing it with adequate levels of nitrogen and potash this summer to get optimal performance.  Bermuda is a heavy feeder.  

There are also several warm season annual options producers can plant for grazing and baleage.  Summer annual grasses are high-yielding and have rapid growth during the hot, humid Georgia summers.  Once established, most are extremely drought tolerant.  Annuals are generally higher quality than their perennial counterparts.  Summer annuals work best in a rotational grazing situation.  Some of the most popular are crabgrass, sudangrass, and millets.  

Summer Weed Control 

Summer wees are the worst!  NOW is the time to address weed issues while they are in the vegetative stage before the plant reaches reproduction by developing a bloom or seed head.  
Duracor herbicide provides extended control of 140 plus weeds while maintaining grass safety.  It allows nutritious grasses to thrive and opens the way for more productivity from every acre.  Duracor stops the weeks that are up and growing while providing residual control of those that germinate later -- keeping pastures clean, forage grasses growing, and cattle gaining.  

Contact us, and we will be glad to help you pick out the best grazing options and weed control options for your operation.  


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