It's not too late for Spring Forage Options!!

Spring Oats are a unique species that grows very quickly after planting (typically ready for grazing after 45-55 days or for baleage production in 65-70 days).  Spring Oats tolerate wet areas more than most winter annuals and help with root-knot nematode suppression.  February and March are two great months to plant Reeves or Canmore Spring Oats.  As we get into late March, the window closes.  The oats need ample time for growth before hot weather gets here.  

Make sure winter weeds are killed before the oats are planted.  Planting depth should be 1/2 inch.  If you plant too deep, you may not see them.  However, make sure you are getting good seed to soil contact.  

Don't make assumptions that fall applied fertilizer is still available for the spring.  Spring Oats need 60-70 units of nitrogen for optimal growth.  

Take advantage of two or three tons of additional dry matter for grazing or baleage by drilling Spring Forage Oats.  

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